Are you an adult wanting to share meaningful knowledge or skills with youth? We want to be that forum for you. Are you able to give a little bit of your time to help out with administrative tasks? Do you have skills in design or social media management? Join us in making the world a better place; even if only for a few hours a week. Click the button below and become a volunteer with the Columbus Learning Cooperative.

What being a teacher at the CLC means:

The Columbus Learning Cooperative functions based on the time given generously by community members to help our students grow into life-long learners. We run programs year round from 9am-3pm on Monday-Friday. Volunteer teachers are invited to Community Pitch Day at the beginning of every quarter to pitch ideas for classes they would like to teach in the following few months. You can expect class sizes to be anywhere from 1-10 students, and since students only elect to take classes they are deeply interested in, all the students in your class will be fully engaged in the subject matter. Currently our students are between the ages of 10-18. No teaching experience is required, just a commitment to flexibility and a passion for what you want to teach.

Because we are not a traditional school environment, we can be truly flexible to the needs of every class and every teacher. If you have an idea for a chemistry class that needs to run for at least 3 hours in one day to complete a lab, we can make that happen. If you want to run a current events class that only meets for 30 minutes, but meets every day of the week, we can also accomodate that. Classes meet as many times a week as you think is necessary to meaningfully share your subject matter; they may last the whole quarter or end after a few weeks depending on your availability and the students' needs. The time commitment is flexible, but you can expect to commit between 2-10 hours a week.

Examples of classes we have run in the past are: Basics of Carpentry, Math as Art, American Sign Language, Art Appreciation, Writer's Workshop, Critical Thinking and Technology 110101.

If you want to know more about our students' specific interests, send us an email at volunteer@learning.coop and we'll let you in on what our students are passionate about right now.