Engaged Learning All Year Round

Summer at the Columbus Learning Cooperative is an adventure every day. Our program is designed to run year-round with more frequent breaks throughout our schedule, which means that summer is just as much a time of growth and engagement as any other. When learning is joyful and fun, it happens naturally!

 This summer we'll be having four summer camp intensives designed for kids and teens to dive deeply into a subject for one week at a time as well as a sample week of what the Columbus Learning Cooperative experience is like. Our camps are designed for students 10-15, but exceptions may be made for families with younger/older siblings.

Summer Week at the CLC will be available for all five weeks during the summer programming. However it is listed below as happening during our second week as that will be the only activity offered during that time.

Each week costs $120 with a discount for signing up for multiple weeks (110 each for two weeks, 100 for 3 or more weeks). 

Drop-off time: 8:30am-9:00, pick-up time: 3:00pm-3:30pm
Aftercare until 5pm is available for an extra $25 per week. Please note that you'd like aftercare in the application or email correspondence.


Cuisine and Culture: Food Around the World

With Melinda Anderson
July 10th - July 14th

Explore the world with your taste buds, travel throughout time and taste, and learn about the many cultures who invented these fine delicacies. Together we’ll explore the foods and cultures of Greece, India, Japan, Mexico, and France. Each day will include planning, preparing, cooking, and eating healthy and delicious food from each of these places on our globe. At the end you’ll be able to show off to friends and family with meals and knowledge to share.


Summer Week
at the CLC


July 17- July 21st

Experience a sample week at the Columbus Learning Cooperative. We empower teens to become self-educated life-long learners able to navigate the the 21st Century. More important than memorizing specific facts is the ability to learn new skills as the need arises. We focus on the development of the whole individual by fostering a healthy lifestyle, a balanced work/play ethic, curiosity, kindness and much more.


Urban Gardening

With Franklinton Gardens and Tommy Jones
July 24th - July 28th

This summer camp will equip students with the skills and knowledge to grow food. Covering topics ranging from plant biology, seasonal crops, weather strains, soil science, and large scale food production systems; the course will include field trips and tours of Franklinton Gardens, where our student will have access to horticulturalists and will be given the opportunity to plant a bed in partnership with Franklinton Gardens Staff.


Math Camp


With Devin Fraze
July 31st - August 4th

Set sail with us on a mathematical adventure!  We’ll be exploring the very origins of counting, admiring the realm of geometry, and going as far as the seas of calculus. All through fun activities such as origami, bubble blowing, experimenting with hula hoops, playing the ancient and mysterious game of Go, gambling, solving puzzles, and sharing in tales of mathematical apocrypha. Experience and play will lead us on our journey each day.


Citizen Science

With Nicole Jackson
August 7th - August 11th

Citizen Science happens when ordinary people study the natural world around them and submit their research or data to other scientists. Citizens can help collect data on a variety of species including birds, butterflies, bats, reptiles, and much more. Learn how to use fun apps like eBird or iNaturalist to collect, gather, and catalog all your data. And the best part is... anyone can do citizen science!

Fill out the application form below to attend! Each child should be submitted on a separate form. You can also email summer@learning.coop or call (614) 943-3252 with questions. Once your application is accepted you'll be asked to come in to our location at 731 East Broad Street in Columbus to submit your deposit and fill out enrollment paperwork.