December Newsletter

Dear Families and Friends of the Columbus Learning Cooperative,

It is nearly the end of our first quarter, and we'd like to share reflections and learning from our teachers with all of you. We'd also like to invite your reflections and your questions. Please write to us and call us. We look forward to continue building this learning community together! Our next Community Pitch Day will be on January 6th, so if you would like to teach a class, or know someone who would we'd love to hear from you.



Teaching about Learning; Learning about Teaching - Will (teaches critical thinking and grammar)

"We completed the risk game and reviewed strategies. Together we explored things we liked doing and things we didn't like to do and applied it to real circumstances. We looked at events that unfolded at OSU on the day they happened. We set up a timeline that included who and what and when while looking at different sets of data. We explored our beliefs and how each of us come to those conclusions. We are exploring what understanding can be developed with information from multiple sources and different points of view."

Will likes teaching at CLC and he likes his students. But he thinks that his method of presenting classes will change next year. He feels like it is possible to be too educated in story writing and that teaching abstract ideas are not always accessible to his class. After all, how much can you connect with Freytag’s Pyramid or Aristotle's rhetorical situation? Instead of grammar and story writing, next semester he may approach writing from the experiential process of cooking. He likes to cook and likes to make stock. He likes learning how to make a good recipe that is healthy and tasty. One thing organized towards an end - like good writing. And a good life.

We picked up quite a few books from the Big Book Sale at the Metropolitan Library. This isn't even a quarter of them!

We picked up quite a few books from the Big Book Sale at the Metropolitan Library. This isn't even a quarter of them!

We picked up quite a few books from the Big Book Sale at the Metropolitan Library. This isn't even a quarter of them!

How we Work Together - Tommy (leads/teaches Friday’s outward bound columbus adventures)

"All of our teachers, staff and volunteers are dedicated individuals and lifelong learners. As a collective, we have decades of life experience and a huge diversity of talents and areas of expertise. It is because of this fact, that the kids who attend the CLC have no better place to learn and pursue what their talents in life, no matter what the subject is. The CLC has the ability to attract individuals and students who have new things to throw into the mix, which makes us wiser. These are the strengths our members offer to each other."

Understanding a Changing World - Devin (teaches Great Questions, Technology and Math)

Living questions in a society that values answers; this is hard. We set the stage to live the questions by giving space for there to be questions, giving time for contemplation then giving both time and space to be with the unknown.


Thanks to everyone who made it out to November's Open House! It was so wonderful to see our space activated with so many friends and family.

Unlearning is also Learning - Kate (teaches the basics of carpentry and art appreciation)

Everyone we meet on our walks, or who comes through the door, or picks up their child - everyone has something to give or that we can learn from.  

It has always been this way, at the CLC we're just placing value on this as a learning community. Culturally, we don't place much value on emotional labor-but this is what we are doing at CLC. Devin has this immense capacity for reason and knowledge and is able to come up with opportunities to cultivate a culture of learning. Other people on staff bring attention to our feeling and being and values. It is important not to place more value on one or another. To live in concert with facts and emotions - this is beautiful. Emotional quotient (EQ) is as much of an indicator of your success in life as your intellectual quotient (IQ.)

It's been a time of great turmoil in the US. I always picture The United States as moving forward but progress is non-linear. It happens in waves and it happens in cycles. Sometimes you have to learn a lesson ten times before you really learn the lesson. Break boundaries, pull back. Push boundaries then come back to where you are comfortable. This is not a bad thing. If you were always pushing boundaries you'd simply burn out.

These member (students) are part of a new generation and we have no idea what they are going to be like. We have no clue except for what we know about ourselves and our community. In some ways it is a curious thing - the process of unlearning is just as important as the process of learning. As we teach the members and share their growth. We are unlearning as a society how we've been - we're teaching while learning ourselves, or hoping to.

Marcelle Gilkerson, Mentor
(on behalf of)
Devin Fraze, Director and Principal
Kate Weigel, Multimedia Director
Ulises Cruz, Teacher
Tommy Jones, Teacher
William Dunlap, Teacher

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” -John Dewey