April Newsletter

Dear Families and Friends of the Columbus Learning Cooperative,

Spring has arrived at the Columbus Learning Cooperative. New members and capacities are developing in our fledgling co-op. Four new part-time members have joined us and several others have increased the number of days in attendance. Within our growing family, new relationships and community is budding. 

On a Friday during Odyssey of Us when we got all caught up with spring.

On a Friday during Odyssey of Us when we got all caught up with spring.

We've also developed a new schedule designed to support parents of our members who also have children in public or private school and summer camps to support our students and community. Each summer camp will run from 9am to 3pm each day and are open to anyone between the ages of 10 - 18 years old. We're running Math Camp, Citizen Science Camp, Cuisine and Culture Camp, and an Urban Gardening camp in collaboration with Franklinton Gardens. Keep an eye out for more updates on these soon!

Scioto Audubon for some bird watching, rock climbing and obstacle course racing!

Scioto Audubon for some bird watching, rock climbing and obstacle course racing!

Elections were recently held at the Columbus Learning Cooperative. Because the founding students have co-created rules, they collectively decided that they need a method for holding one another accountable to these agreements. Using Robert's Rules of Order, they devised a system to follow when their agreed-upon rules are broken. Collectively, the members determined that two people would judge the infraction - an elected justice who would provide longevity and fairness, to work in collaboration with a randomly selected CLC member who is selected during each town hall. Two CLC members ran for judge, campaigned throughout the week, and convened for an election two Tuesdays ago. Speeches were made and all members voted anonymously for the judge. The students decided that voters would include all members attending three days a week or more. Shango Black-Smith was elected and gave a rousing acceptance speech.

Cupcake decorating on Nia's birthday πŸŽ‚

Cupcake decorating on Nia's birthday πŸŽ‚

All this happened during Town Hall which previously only hosted to address problems, but now it happens weekly to empower CLC students to co-create our community and co-create the school they all want to attend. In this way, they are developing a structure of governance to address the emerging needs of our community. Each week a different CLC member chairs the meeting where we hear all suggestions and implement the decisions that are approved.

Relationships among the faculty are also coalescing and we are creating a culture together. Each Wednesday morning the adult founders of CLC are meeting to address how best to support the student-initiatives, our own self-directed learning and one another. Together we developed a list of core values that we share and identified the behaviors and outcomes of living in alignment with these values. At the next Town Hall meeting we look forward to hearing how these values resonate with our student members.

Enjoying sharing the journey,

Marcelle Gilkerson, Mentor
(on behalf of)
Devin Fraze, Director and Principal
Kate Weigel, Multimedia Director
Ulises Cruz, Teacher
Tommy Jones, Teacher
William Dunlap, Teacher

β€œEducation is a process of living and not a preparation for future living."
-John Dewey