The Columbus Learning Cooperative (CLC) charges a membership fee.  As an alternative to school, we do not receive any state or federal funding and rely exclusively on fees and significant fundraising in order to provide our services and programs. The CLC is committed to working with every interested family, regardless of their ability to pay our full fee.

All Memberships Include:

  • Year round programing (See Calendar)
  • Advisory Relationship with CLC Core Staff Member
  • Beginning, Middle, and End-of-the-Year Family Meetings with CLC Staff
  • Development of a family educational plan and a personal life plan
  • Group Classes at the CLC
  • One-on-One Meetings or Tutorials with CLC Staff
  • Use of CLC space for socializing and study
  • Support to design and complete private academic projects and curricula
  • Support to find volunteer work, jobs, and internships outside of the CLC
  • Support to find classes and activities outside of the CLC
  • Long-term support for teen alumni and families

Limited Membership

  • $280 per month (or $3200 per year)

  • Access to the physical location one day per week (or two half-days)

  • Perfect for families who already homeschool and want additional resources and experiences

Partial Membership

  • $495 per month (or $5800 per year)

  • Access to the physical location up to three days per week

  • More classes available from each quarters roster

  • Perfect for families who love our program but can't yet commit fully

Full Membership  (Best Deal)

  • $690 per month (or $8000 per year)

  • Attending CLC up to five days per week

  • Priority in scheduling classes, workshops, tutors, and internships

  • Full class roster available

  • Invitations to all trips and special workshops


Additional resources

A La Carte Classes

  • The ability to sign up for any class for a full quarter (10 weeks)

  • Type A classes meet once a week, Type B twice, Type C three times

  • $300 per quarter (Type A), $500 per quarter (Type B), $700 per quarter (Type C)

  • Call to find out what classes are being offered

Private Tutoring

  • $40 per session (or $350 per 10 sessions)

  • Access to the physical location during tutoring sessions

  • Tutoring Available: All levels of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Programming, Carpentry


Discounts Available

Automatically families are given a 10% discount for enrolling siblings. Furthermore, there are a range of discounts available depending upon each families gifts. We are looking for people experienced with grant writing, legal council, running a non-profit, advertising, accounting and book keeping, and more. An official list of discounts is available upon request for visiting families.

Fee Reductions

The Columbus Learning Collective’s Board of Directors and Staff remain committed to making the CLC available to all interested families. When necessary, families are invited to use installment plans to spread out payments as needed. We also invite families who cannot pay the full fee to submit a proposal for Fee Reduction. In general, the maximum amount of Fee Reduction will be $2500 per year. Families seeking further assistance can meet with our Board of Directors’ Fee Reduction Committee to discuss options. It is our goal to turn no family away from the Columbus Learning Cooperative for lack of an ability to pay the fees.

Pro-Rated Fees and Refunds

The Columbus Learning Cooperative has established a formal chart for pro-rating the fee for members joining or withdrawing in the middle of the year.  Please contact the Director for this information.

Alternative Payment Plans

Fees can be paid in monthly installments, bi-yearly installments, or all at once. Member families will work with TADS to decide payment plans, but you can contact us by email if you have questions on what sort of payment options there are.