Full Time and Part Time Work Available

Current Job Opening: Enrollment Coordinator

Columbus Learning Cooperative is looking to grow our enrollment for the 2017-2018 academic year and are seeking an Enrollment Coordinator.

The Enrollment Coordinator will actively pursue leads in the Greater Columbus Area. Compensation will be based on experience with the possibility of earning commission. The position is part-time with a flexible schedule, though our regular business hours are from 9am-4pm with weekly meetings on Wednesday mornings and occasional evenings events.

Duties may include:

- Building relationships with local guidance counselors, therapists and community groups
- Maintaining connections with interested families from first contact until first day at our program
- Creatively developing new avenues for finding families who may benefit from our programs through networking and outreach.
- Creating a database through Google Drive of potential leads.
- Speaking at local community events and tabling during festivals to increase awareness of the coop.
- Following up, following up, following up!

Qualities of the ideal candidate for Enrollment Coordinator:

- Excellent communication: should be able to clearly and openly communicate the goals of our coop and empathetically listen and respond to the needs of families and their children. 

- Detail-oriented: the candidate should be able to manage multiple streams of communication and keep track of families in various stages of enrollment without letting anyone fall through the cracks. We depend on our staff to diligently take notes of their communications and potential leads.

- Flexibility: We are currently in our first year of business and thus things are constantly changing. It is important that the candidate for this position is flexible enough to adapt to these changes and is especially receptive to feedback on their work

- Caring: Many families that come to us having been struggling through traditional school and it is important that the candidate demonstrates kindness and understanding for those experiences without judgement. It is also important that they are sensitive to the many cultural and socio-economic factors that contribute to a family’s ability or need to seek alternative education.

- Personal responsibility: As a small cooperative, each of our staff and volunteers hold significant importance to the functioning of the organization. The candidate must be able to work independently and self-manage while maintaining openness in communications with the rest of the group. We are trusting you with our potential families and it is important that you take that responsibility to heart.

In addition, any experience working with parents of teens and preteens, sales experience, and/or an interest in alternative education, secular homeschooling or unschooling is an added bonus. No particular educational or professional credentials are required – we are most interested in what you have done and what you can do. We are particularly inspired by the ways in which parents advocate for their children and communicate with other parents, so parents of teens are encouraged to apply! Send an email to jobs@learning.coop with a resume and cover letter.