Evenings are for adults at the Columbus Learning Cooperative


"Cooperative" is both a noun and a verb. We are a living wisdom, shared;  and we also share a way forward together, cooperatively. We enrich ourselves by enriching others.

The CLC is expanding our mission to offer these principles to people of any and every age. We want to invite the richness of the arts, to host the wisdom of community, to engage and follow passions, and to discover paths of engagement in the realm of what we yearn to make possible in the world: for ourselves, for others, for our environment and for future generations.

The day and evening classes nourish and inspire one another. The principles of the CLC can germinate during the day and come to fruition at night and vice versa. The joyful work and practice in the evenings will be reinvigorated by the play and possibility of each day. Members of the evening coop are invited to contribute by making an offering of money to the school or making something to give the homeschool students or to the space by offering a class or lesson to our young CLC members.


Living ROOTS Folk School

Monday nights with Celia and Marcelle

We are remembering simpler way of life, reconnecting to earth for resources and the fine art of craft. These are classes that can honor indigenous cultures and crafts and allow time to dedicate ourselves to making beautiful things well.

Offering dance, knitting, fermenting, food-making, soap-making, candle-making, folk dancing, green furniture-making, toy-making, needle and wet-felting, fabric dying, fermenting and more. $10 for each evening of participation.

Collective Practice

Tuesday 7-9:30pm with Columbus Acro(yoga) Play

AcroYoga is a full body movement experience that combines yoga with acrobatics. Beginners and experienced acroyogis are all welcome. Cost of participation is $5. Other community initiatives are welcome to offer programming to benefit the community and the school. Please let us know if you are intersted.

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Wednesday evenings with Teresa and the friends of CCCO

Let's create a world where people can find creative and interactive ways to transform their conflicts through a process  that connects us across differences in gender, age, race, sexual orientation, religion and political beliefs. A world where peace, mutual respect and compassionate relationships are the norm.



Friday Evenings with Tommy Jones

LEARNING IS JOY! College-aged students and new graduates coming together to try to create something for the world and each other. Bring your instruments, teach each other how to play piano, flute, guitar... Have a dance party! Get advice on a piece of art you've been working on, read your poetry. Express diverse interests, discover new friendships and share your best.

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OPEN-DOOR Porch Gatherings

Sunday Afternoon with Georgetta

Inviting neighbors to gather, bringing together families and making new friends. All neighbors and community members are invited to share food, stories, get to know each other and build relationships. We can hear from the new people who are coming in to Olde Towne East - who are they? What do they see? What can we learn about our history, each other and how we can support each other? We are modeling what it is like to be in community enjoying getting to know our neighbors.


Columbus Homeschool Meetups

Saturday Mornings

Homeschoolers and their families making friends, sharing ideas and creating community together once a month. This is an inclusive group for families with homeschool students of all ages.

Our organization is a hub of dreamers, makers, mentors, intellectuals, teachers, and adults doing amazing real world work for our community. Please consider joining us by sharing your wisdom, skills, hobbies, and passions with the next generation.